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Sarah | 40 For 40 Portraits RVA

Sarah Graves, 43

Engagement Manager & CPA

Boy mom, traveler, avid foodie and lover of all things fashion

"We had tried for seven years to get pregnant. It was such a rollercoaster. A friend of mine told us she knew someone who was pregnant and couldn't keep the baby, so we started down the road of adoption. We got to be in the room when he was born, and I was actually able to breastfeed him for three months- something I wasn't sure I would ever be able to experience. We had figured he might be our only child, but then almost five years later, I was shocked to find out I was pregnant. Hudson and Theodore are now 9 and almost 5, and it's been a wild adventure with these two beautiful boys. I love that both adoption and biology led me to motherhood."