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Front Porch project | one year later

This has been such a fun and inspirational project to complete after a year. Last March, we were merely two weeks into a pandemic- shellshocked and believing that we would be coming out of it in a few months. Oh, what we didn't know then. We are changed, forever, by the events of this past year. But we're also so much more resilient than we realized we are. We've learned to adapt, to take deep breaths and reset as many times as was required of us- even when it seemed impossible. We rediscovered what was most important, and learned to let go of what wasn't- even if, perhaps, the choice seemed like it was being made for us. There was definitely an overall sense of resilience and joy in these sessions the second time around. I even used a different lens this time (the first time was an 85mm so I could keep as much distance between myself and the families), but this time, I opted for my 50mm. It didn't occur to me until after the fact that even just this one adjustment is significant of how much closer we're getting to finding a new normal again. Thank you to all of my Northside Framily for being so lovely and sharing your stories with me! And thank you again, to NBC12 news for the spot last week, and helping to keep our hope alive on this 390-something day of navigating a pandemic.