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Covid Christmas

I had intended to do a self portrait project each day in December (because that month isn't busy enough, amiright? What I didn't know when I took this first picture was that half of our family- myself included- was about to go down with Covid. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and it was hard to be sidelined with no energy to do all of the fun traditions that I had looked forward to. But we eventually came out of the fog, and I was still able to snap a few portraits because I promised myself I would try harder to be in the frame WITH my kids this year. Mrs. Claus is always working behind the scenes, you know? (Which is why her hair is always pulled up in a messy top knot and all the dry shampoo). I realized that not only did I want to remember some of these fleeting moments with the kids, but I wanted to remember who *I* am, too, in this season- of life, of Christmas- all of it. And this Christmas will always be tinged with grief because on December 18th (as we were all recovering from delta) a beloved member of our family who had also gotten sick with it at the same time we did, passed away.