The Kelly Family | Baby Robert

I met this sweet family when they welcomed baby Harrison (who's now big brother Harrison) three years ago. It's always such an honor and joy for me to be invited to come back and capture more moments for the same families as they grow. Baby Robert decided to give his parents a huge surprise and show up four weeks before his due date. Because of that, he had to spend some time in the NICU to give his lungs a little extra help, but thankfully, he was able to come home a few weeks ago and they're now settling in as a family of four.

A skillset acquired only after becoming parents: you can essentially turn anything into a cape on command. ;)

Harrison's baby picture next to Robert. With the exception of Robert's red hair, they look like twins!

And of course, when you rock your shoot, you get a high five AND a lollipop. :)

Congrats again to Scott, Ashley, and big brother Harrison! So happy for you all! XO

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