Last Day of School Feels.

I decided at the very last minute to bring my "big camera" (as the kids refer to it) with me when I picked the kids up from school on their last day of school, and I'm so glad I did. Because I know that all too soon, they'll probably shoot death rays at me if I would so much as suggest that I snap a few pics with their classmates and teachers. I'm taking full advantage of this while I can!

I am not kidding when I say that this was one of the sweetest moments and I was totally unprepared for it. I blinked back tears as Milo hugged almost every single one of his classmates. They weren't hurried or forced. I love this boy's heart so much.

Ella's teacher asked me to take a more "posed" shot after she saw me taking these on the sly. But THESE are always the ones that give me warm fuzzies. (And there were about three more hugs and some misty eyes before all was said and done).

Rising second and fourth graders. What in the world is happening??

. . .and a rising pre-Kindergartner. (Because Holton's not quite ready for Olive yet!)

Earlier in the school year, we sort of "fell" into the tradition of getting ice cream on Fridays. Even when it was cold. Even when it was snowing. Ice cream. Every Friday. And of course, this particular Friday was no exception, especially since it was the last day of school. But the mood was less celebratory, and more bittersweet. We adore this school and our teachers, and I reminded the kids how lucky we were to have had the kind of teachers that made it hard to say goodbye. And when I think back on it, we've actually had lots of good conversations and made lots of memories at Gelati Celesti. It's almost become a kind of "home base" for us. I'm grateful for these weekly touchpoints and hope we get a few more years out of them.

This girl is SERIOUS about her "vermilla" ice cream. <3

For now- peace out, Linwood Holton! It's been a good year. We'll see you in September!

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