The Big Picture.

There was a lot to celebrate this past weekend. And I'm not just referring to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Saturday may have started with mimosas and bits of the royal wedding, but it ended on a much more personal note with wine, laughs, hors d'oeuvres, and a couple whose legacy I'm honored to be part of.

Jake's parents- affectionately known as "Grammy & Pop"- celebrated their 40th anniversary earlier this month. About two months ago, my sister-in-law proposed that we attempt the near-impossible and plan a surprise party for them. (I labeled it "near impossible" only because my mother-in-law's reputation for sniffing out secrets precedes her. If she wasn't such a wonderful nurse, she could certainly pull her weight as a detective!)

We gathered all of their nearest and dearest (who are consequently some of our nearest and dearest), set the table with some fabulous food from Mosaic Catering, and hoped that the casual invite we had issued earlier in the week to come over for a cookout wouldn't register on their radar.

Oh, and speaking of radar- this supposed "cookout" was taking place after nearly a week of the heaviest rain we've had since Gaston back in the early 2000's. Flash flooding. School cancellations. Our nasty, flooded basement. (Not catastrophic, but still. #oldhouseproblems). I wondered if it would seem odd that we were still going ahead with out cookout after 8 inches of rain in 2 days, so earlier in the day, we texted them to let them know that we were still going to do dinner, but would probably opt for pizza and throw all the kids upstairs to watch a movie.

Everyone arrived around 5:45, and just to give us a little extra cushion, Jake texted his dad and asked if they could stop on their way to pick up some ice. Finally, a little bit after 6:30, we spotted them walking up the street to the house. I snapped a few pics before they came, but my favorite has to be the look on Tracey's face when they walked in the door. #missionaccomplished

When you get tired of waiting, lying on the coffee table seems like a good idea. :)

Still waiting....

We locked them out. LOL.

The kiddos finally got their moment.

And it was worth the wait.

Grammy doing her thing. (Before being "attacked" by the rest of her crew).

Jake and I often talk about the "big picture" when it comes to our own little family. We're so grateful that we've already been given an example of what it could look like 28 years from now- when those initial lines between our blood family and chosen family ("framily) blur into one big, beautiful group stretched over three generations. This past weekend was a sweet reminder of who we are, simply because of who has loved us.

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