Week 2 | P52

Meet my third-born, Olive. Charismatic, fierce, playful, and afraid of nothing. (Literally, nothing). So it was no surprise that when she went to the beach for the first time at about 16 months, unlike my first two, she made a bee-line straight for the waves. ALL IN, BABY. Two years later and a few swimming lessons under her belt, we still scramble to snap her into a puddle jumper before she flings herself off the deep end of the pool. Thankfully, in between those fun-but-gray-hair-inducing trips to the ocean, her love for water simply means playing in the sink with her toys, or asking me to fill up the tub almost every day.

**Along with my RE Series, I've decided to embark on a more personal project through a fabulous group of fellow photographers from all corners of the US (and beyond), spear-headed by Sarah Cornish of My Four Hens Photography. In years past, there have been weekly themes, but this year, it's much more open-ended and we ultimately get to decide what we want to shoot each week. In other words, get ready to see a lot more of my kids. :) **

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