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Sunflower Daze

You guys. I'm seriously considering doing mini sessions here next summer! If you haven't been to Lickinghole Creek Brewery in Goochland, you need to go. It's beautiful and serene, and they have good beer. (I'm just going to forgive them for not having wine, because REALLY). Even better: you can pick all the sunflowers you want for FREE and roam the fields for as long as you want. Or until one of your kids trips and falls, and another one freaks out because of a bee. We were on borrowed time. But I digress...

I took a little break from shooting sessions in July and August, but September is here, and while I'm always glad to get back into a routine, I find myself wistfully thinking about those lazy summer evenings and no real rush for bedtimes. So I figured, what better way to break back into the blog than with sunflowers and some golden, August light. So, a little #throwback, if you will.... :)

(If this expression doesn't sum her up... )