I had been going back and forth for a while on whether or not I should start shooting newborn sessions here in my home. It all seemed so complicated and intense. (And actually, to be fair, it has the potential to be pretty involved. I'm sure by now you've all seen the Pinterest-fails with newborns). It really isn't simply curling a sleeping baby up into a cute little pudgy ball on a bean bag or placing them into the perfectly white-washed bucket (I've been learning this first-hand over the last couple of weeks, myself!) When I finally decided to start offering these, my initial challenge was figuring out how to do them in a way that stayed true to my style- which has gravitated to a more "minimalist" approach. I don't utilize a lot of colors or props. Even headbands are a bit distracting unless they're the right size and used in the right context. Of course, this is all simply a matter of preference, but it's one that gels with my overall style. Admittedly, I've only just dipped my toes in and I have SO much more to learn, but I'm really excited and humbled to get the opportunity to practice on these little ones over the next few months. (Bonus, I get to snuggle babies!) To all of their mamas and daddies: thank you for entrusting me with them! Here are a few of my favorites from my session with sweet Colin.

That little pucker!

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