The Wong Family | Miller Louise

There's a lot to love about doing lifestyle sessions. I love getting glimpses into a family's day-to-day life. In a lot of ways, it feels more personal, because I've been graciously invited into someone's personal space. (Side note: If you book a lifestyle session with me, I do not expect your house to be immaculate. Or even clean. You just had a baby. Stop apologizing). Really, all I need is a room with good natural light. Often times, we start shooting in the nursery, because that's the room that (if you're like me) was the primary focus for most of the nine months you were pregnant. You guys, I have seen so many gorgeous nurseries over the past few weeks, it almost makes me want to have another baby just so I can go crazy on Pinterest and decorate one all over again. (Almost).

But seriously, Miller's nursery was beautiful. Not only did it have the telltale characteristics of a room in a Fan house (hello, fireplace), but it was the perfect blend of contemporary and family pieces, with subtle details in soft pink.

Okay, can we just talk about the sloth in her crib?? Apparently, Beth began collecting sloth toys and books while she was pregnant, and then received several sloth-inspired gifts at showers. (Whoever brought the stuffed sloth wins all the things).

I love Beth's necklace. Miller is Beth's maiden name and her mother had given her the necklace after Miller was born.

I have a slight obsession with baby feet. <3

This one makes me melt. Miller has two very protective older brothers.

That hair. Those eyes. Miller, you are a beauty!

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