Snow Day

There's something magical about the first snow of the year. It's so magical, in fact, that the kids woke me up before 6 a.m. to ask if they can go out and play in it. #nope. In other news, I might run out of coffee (and wine) before we're able to get out of the house. Snow totals are around 8-9 inches here, which is a sizable amount for RVA (especially considering all of the back-and-forth predictions earlier. At one point earlier in the week, we were maybe looking at 1-2 inches. Hah). The kids have been outside almost all day, coming in to re-fuel on hot chocolate and grilled cheese. And although I'm fairly sure my sanity will be slipping quickly by the end of the weekend, I've loved watching them have so much fun.


Evie LOVED her first snow.

When you want to play in the snow, but it's cold.

*sigh* I need her to stop looking like she's fourteen.

Happy snow weekend, friends! XO