Emma & Jon: Favorites

When you're planning a wedding- even if the entire event is indoors- you're probably hoping and praying that it doesn't rain. And if you're planning, say, a fall wedding (vs spring), rain might not be on your radar. (That pun was totally intentional). But Richmond loves to have tropical storms and hurricanes in September and October. And so it was on Emma and Jon's big day, that Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Virginia. We didn't bear the brunt of it the way that the southeastern coast did, but we still felt some major ripple effects. And let me say this about Emma: she had such an amazing attitude and outlook. She and Jon had booked The Valentine Museum, with the plan to have their ceremony and reception in the gorgeous outdoor courtyard. While she had her hair and makeup done, friends and family set up the ceremony space in the downstairs gallery, and tents were put up outside in the gardens. I know she was gutted about the forecast; it wasn't at all how she had envisioned her day. But she was steady, and glowing. It was obvious that she and Jon weren't going to let the hurricane have the last word. Throughout the day, they were just as giddy and googly-eyed as two teenagers. They let me talk them into doing some pictures out in the pouring rain, and by mid-way through the evening, it seemed no one even cared that Matthew had crashed the party.

And it's part of their story now- the day that a hurricane made landfall, which subsequently happened to be their wedding day.

Here are some of my favorites from our day.

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