It's a.....

If you're surprised that I ended up learning the gender of baby #3, you must not know me very well. ;)

That said, I have absolutely no regrets. We're delighted that it's a girl (though either would have been wonderful) and even more grateful that she's healthy. When I came home and told Jake that I wanted to do a little gender reveal, he said, "a WHAT?" And I said, "you know, where you get to find out the gender in some kind of fun way." If you know anything about my husband, you know that he's super laid back and always ready to go with the flow. But when I told him about my plans to fill a pinata with pink or blue candy and have him swing at it in front of our families, I saw him die a little inside. So thanks, babe, for letting me have the moment of surprising you, our kids, and our extended family. (And blog about it). ;)

I wanted to let the cat out of the bag before we left to go on vacation so I ended up having only a week to throw everything together. And it's probably a good thing because, given more time, I could have done some serious damage on Etsy. Unfortunately, the special #3 pinata I had ordered arrived at our house 30 minutes after the party started- a day later than when I was told it would arrive. (Thankfully I had bought a back-up pinata at Target). Things like that tend to throw me off because when I get something in my head, I want it to be just the way I envisioned it. But when it came time for the kids to hit the pinata, it totally didn't matter that it was the back-up. I was so happy just to watch them take turns swinging at it, and then get to see everyone's reactions as the pink candy finally came out (it took a minute or two to really knock a good hole in it!). Ella's reaction was the best- she had told me from the very beginning that she knew it was a girl baby. As for how Milo feels about it, I think it's safe to say that the jury's still out, LOL.

I'm so grateful we got to share the excitement with our families!